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Ayatollah Khoei (b. Rajab 15, 1317/November 19, 1899 - d. Safar 8, 1413/August 8, 1992) was an influential religious authority of Shi'a, scholar of rijal and the author of 23-volume set of M`ujam Rijal al-Hadith

The Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Abu al-Qasim Mousawi Khoei

After learning the recitation of the Holy Quran and also learning how to read and write, Sayyid Abu al-Qasim Khoei set out for Najaf, Iraq in companion with his family )parents( when he was thirteen and studied the Islamic knowledge and sciences under the prominent figures of Najaf Islamic Seminary. Even from his childhood he was famous for his intelligence, retentive memory and talent among his peers. He excelled in his education. Alongside his education Ayatollah Khoei used to teach as well so that every level of the education he received, he taught the books of its previous level.

During his fruitful lifetime Ayatollah Khoei was busy with teaching the intermediate and high-level seminary courses for some seventy years. It was almost 05 years that he had been holding the most prominent and most fruitful teaching sessions midst Najaf Islamic seminary, so that thousands of the scholars and the learned men from different Islamic countries ranging from India, Afghanistan, and Iran to Iraq, Arabia and Lebanon have been educated and trained by his teachings.

Ayatollah Khoei never had spare and idle time. His whole day and night was spent for teaching, researching, compiling, worshipping )saying prayers(, reciting the Holy Quran, replying the religious questions, meeting the people, performing congregational prayers and ziarat Continues ...

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M`ujam Rijal al-Hadith

Sayyid Abu al-Qasim Mousawi Khoei

Rijal science, the biography of the hadith transmitters and analizing them

The Ayatollah mentioned in the introduction to his book: "In the past theRijal science was under special attention of the scholars and was of highimportance for them, but in recent times it has been neglected to such amount as if the Ijtihad )deducing the religious injunctions from the Quranand hadith( is not based on it. Considering this fact I was determined tocompile a comprehensive book that benefits the privileges of this sciencesufficiently.

This book is compiled in 32 volumes and as its title indicates has underlined the index aspect. It is attempted to render comprehensive information about each hadith transmitter as far as possible. Also since this book has been compiled later than the other books and major works in this regard, it dominates them and considers the comments of the previous scholars. Therefore, it enjoys an acceptable perfection and comprehensiveness, sothat if one possesses this book, he will not be in need of other books inmany cases.

In order to provide more authentications and reliability the compiler hasquoted all the contents of the book from the original source and did not pay any attention to the quotations of the others Continues ...

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